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Central Texas students need your help! A large number of our area schools are Title 1 schools with a high number of low socio-economic students.  These schools often can not afford the equipment needed to stock a science lab or class room.  Centex STEM is spearheading a fundraising/equipment event. We are asking for your support by donating any amount of money, or any lab/science equipment you may not need any more.  We are building an equipment library to loan out to our area schools to help our students be able to participate in science fairs and labs in general.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

KWTX Coverage of Wortham ISD's new 3D Printer

Wortham JH 8th Grade Visits Ellis County Mammoth Dig Site

Thirty five 8th grade students from Wortham Junior High were honored to get a tour of the Ellis County Mammoth dig site made famous world wide recently.  The 40,000 year old mammoth, Ellie May, is currently being extracated by the Perot Museum in Dallas.  Dr. Ron Tykoski, Perot's Paleontologist allowed the students to observe and ask questions as he and his crew worked on casting the bones for removal back to the museum.  After this Q&A session the students were allowed to dig up their own fossils as shown on the gallery page.  Numerous shark teeth and Ptychodus teeth were found in the adjacent gravel pit.  "Best field trip ever, and "We have to do this again.", were several quotes overheard.  

*This field trip was coordinated by Dr.Sunday Crider and David Hayes with Central Texas STEM.

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Wortham Junior High field trip to the Ellis County Mammoth dig site.

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At Central Texas STEM, we want to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to all K-12 students, parents and the whole community. We are here to promote STEM activities and events, as well as get information out to Central Texas communities about STEM.