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Coding is Critical

I once heard it said by an educator that coding was dead.  A few weeks later, they had to reverse their position when they saw information on just how much coding is used in the real world.

Coding separates the users from the creators of content.  It is one thing  to learn to use a program or access a web site.  Those skills are definatley part of  what all students need, but they fall far short of preparing them for the job market they will face.  It is far better to allow them to become creators by unleashing their potential through coding.  Mashable has an interesting article about the value of coding in the workforce (see the button below.)

Code Academy  is a great place for students to begin their journey into coding. Code Academy leads them through lessons in basic coding with guided practice.  As students change the code, they see real time changes in the preview pane.

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